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Chairman´s Letter

Emilio Botín, President of the Botín Foundation

In recent years in Spain, foundations and social organisations in general have been setting a clear example in terms of their trust in the future, their ability to handle adverse situations and their creativity to find new ways to generate development and to contribute to the general interest of society, through private initiatives.

In this milieu, the Fundación Botín worked intensely in 2013 to continue to develop its main lines of activity, in cooperation with more than 1000 organisations, including schools, ressearch groups, companies, social action foundations and associations, entrepreneurs, town councils, cultural institutions and universities.

The progress made in 2013 and its social impact are an excellent example of the Foundation´s drive and vitality and of the benefits of developing new, more collaborative forms of action that combine public and private efforts and resources.

For its part, in 2013, the Responsible Education Programme, which promotes the development of emotional and social intelligence in schools, grew in both Cantabria and Madrid and moreover expanded to take in the regions of La Rioja and Navarra, thanks to cooperative efforts with the two regional governments. The network now includes 95 schools, and the Foundation is receiving increasingly more requests from other schools and regions that wish to approach education from a more complete and all-embracing angle.

In the Science area, the Mind the Gap Programme now has 6 projects in progress. In each of those projects, the Foundation has joined efforts with public research centres and private companies, alike. Together, in 2013, we managed to generate a turnover of nearly €0.5 million, creating 21 new direct jobs and attracting €1.8 million in investment capital.

Our rural development programme in Valle del Nansa y Peñarrubia, in Cantabria, has spurred the participation of 45 entrepreneurs, 6 town councils, 1 primary school, 50 livestock owners, the Regional Government, 3 universities and more than 12 different companies. This group effort, together with a cross-sector approach that increases the value of heritage, is generating social development throughout the entire region.

Solidarity Talent, which has managed to become a benchmark programme in Spain, now boasts a network of 51 innovative social action organisations that support talent with aim of maximising the efficiency of the social sector. This is one of the best examples of the vitality and strength of Spain´s social sector.

Finally, in 2013, we continued to move forward with the Botín Centre project in Santander, which is sure to become the Fundación Botín´s most global, most local and most social project.

The most global, as it will not only be a leading private art centre in Spain, but it will also be one of the leading art centres in the international art circuit. The most local, because it will create a new public meeting place in Santander that enrich the life of the city through the arts. And the most social, because it will be a pioneer place in the world for the development of creativity through the arts, with the ultimate goal of generating social and economic wealth.

In a word, through the Botín Centre, the Fundación Botín hopes to further reinforce its steadfast commitment to the progress and development of our country, from Cantabria.

Indeed, these achievements were only possible thanks to the trust vested in the Fundación Botín by all the organisations and individuals who worked with us this past year. To all of them and to the entire team at the Foundation, I want to extend my most heartfelt gratitude.

Emilio Botín
Presidente of the Board of Trustees


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