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Classical music concerts are grouped into three cycles: "Thematic Concerts", based on a storyline, "Autumn Concerts", which commemorate events, and "Young Performers", a platform for new artists. Musical expressions of other cultures are provided the "Nansa Intercultural" space.

All the concerts, except cycle Nansa Intercultural, are at  C/ Pedrueca 1, Santander. 

Online reservation for concerts, Fundación BotínIt is necessary to make a previous online (however a number of tickets will be reserve to be taken at C/ Pedrueca 1 in Santander, for people who have no internet access. This will be applied for all teh cycles, except Jazz and other musics).


"CONCIERTOS DE OTOÑO" CYCLE: dedicated to commemorating musical events.

-13/10/2014. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788). III centenary of his birth. Francisco Guazo, baroque traverso; Irene Benito, baroque violin; Rosa San Martín, baroque viola; Alejandro Marías, baroque violoncello; Jorge López-Escribano, clave. 20:30 p.m. Download programme (pdf).

-20/10/2014. Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714-1787). III centenary of this birth.  Soledad Cardoso, soprano; Atrium Ensemble. 20:30 p.m. Download programme (pdf).

-03/11/2014. Richard Strauss (1864-1940). 150 aniversary of his birth. Enoch Arden, melólogo para piano y narrador. Ángel García Suárez; narrador; Vicente Ariño, piano. 20:30 p.m. 

-17/11/2014. Claudio Prieto (1934). 80 years. Wind and piano Quintet. 20:30 horas.

-01/12/2014. The European environment of Arturo Dúo Vital "In memoriam" (1901-1964). 50 years of his death. Anna Tonna, mezosoprano; Jorge Robaina, piano. 20:30 p.m.  

-15/12/2014. The Spanish environment of Arturo Dúo Vital "In memoriam" (1901-1964). 50 years of his death. 20:30 p.m.  



-27/10/2014. Félix Ardanaz, piano. 20:30 horas

-10/11/2014. Silvia Mazzon, violin + piano. 20:30 horas.

-24/11/2014. Janos Palothay, piano. 20:30 horas.

-09/12/2014. Heli Quartet, quartet of saxophones. 20:30 horas.


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