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The conference Social, Emotional and Creative Education : Proposals for contributing to society´s cohesion and development was held in Madrid´s Palacio de Congresos on October, 4th 2011. Here you can discover the speakers and check the videos form the conference.

Social and Emotional Intelligence is key to the formal education of children and young people. Ongoing research shows that this is directly related to well-being, physical and mental health, academic results and the prevention of risky behaviour. Creativity also plays a key role in the growth, learning and development of talent from childhood.

At this international meeting, renowned experts shared experiences, proposals and examples of good practices which will serve as an inspiration and help teachers´daily tasks.

The Second Botín Report on Social and Emotional Education was also presented at this conference. This is an international study which, on this occasion, analyses the situation in Australia, Canada, Finland, Portugal and Singapore. It also includes the evaluation of the Responsible Education Programme of the Botín Foundation, a pioneering initiative whose results have shown the efficacy of working on social, emotional and creative development in both students and participating teachers.

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