Educación, Fundación Botín

Art and culture

Research, training and dissemination are the three major missions of the Botín Foundation, internationally consolidated in the field of plastic arts and music.

The area of Art and Culture of ​​the Botín Foundation includes the activities developed in visual arts, MUSIC and CONFERENCES. The collaboration of important professionals contributes a high quality content to the cultural program of the Foundation.

In 2007, a line of RESEARCH aimed at the knowledge and dissemination of drawing in Spanish art began, undoubtedly one of the most interesting and fruitful facets of our art since the 17th century.

Since 1993 TRAINING has focused on scholarships and workshops. There are already more than 155 artists who have enjoyed the Visual Arts Scholarships for training, research and support for creation.

EXHIBITIONS, mainly of own production, are linked to the objectives and work of the department, and are the vehicle to bring the project to the public in Visual Arts of the Foundation, according to two lines: exhibitions of the artists object of the research on the drawing above, and training, with the series Itinerarios, which annually presents the work of the fellows and the exhibition of the director of the workshop. In addition this program is completed with exhibitions of international character.

The Botín Foundation's ART COLLECTION reflects the evolution and approaches that have marked its activities over more than forty years. Since 1993, the collection grows year by year and specializes in contemporary art.


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