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Solidarity Talent Programme

The Social Economy currently accounts for 10% of the GDP and brings together nearly 12.5% of Spain's labour force. This is one of the sectors Fundación Botín is involved in for the development of programmes that promote the professionalisation and the development of the social sector. How? By helping social organisations to increase their social efficiency and their teamwork and networking skills.

The SOLIDARITY TALENT PROGRAMME is designed to promote and revitalise the professionalisation of the broader social sector by strengthening institutions internally, helping social organizations to recruit talent and fostering innovation and collaboration within the sector. The ultimate aim is a strong, professional, innovative and sustainable third sector.

The Solidarity Talent programme gives selected organisations Fundación Botín support to improve their internal management processes through consultancy, strategic advice, training and improving the leadership and management capacity of management and work teams, to help them become more efficient and sustainable, giving them greater social impact and fostering innovation in the sector.

We also foster collaboration between social organisations and other sectors and institutions that offer support to the Third Sector (businesses, universities, platforms, etc.), creating synergies, aligning efforts and multiplying outcomes. As a result, the selected organisations will form part of the Solidarity Talent Network, a system of more than 200 social organisations active in varying sectors of activity and selected in previous editions, who work together to share best practices, network and create links with other sectors.


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