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Solidarity Talent Programme

The Social Economy, which currently accounts for 10% of the GDP and brings together nearly 12,5% of Spain's labour force. This is one of the sectors Fundación Botín is involved in for the development of programmes that promote the professionalisation and the development of the social sector. How? By helping social organisations to increase their social efficiency and their teamwork and networking skills.

Through the Solidarity Talent initiative, Fundación Botín chooses third sector organisations that seek to enhance their sustainability, efficiency and impact, and in general their capacity for social transformation. It selects the very best professionals interested in working for these entities, financing their salaries or fees for periods of one year or two.

The Programme is designed to promote the professionalisation of the broader non-profit sector by strengthening institutions internally, helping social organizations to recruit talent and encouraging innovation and collaboration within the sector.

  • Strengthening institutions internally: consulting and advising on strategies to redefine work methods and internal management processes and improve leadership and the management skills of directors and work teams.
  • Recruiting outside talent with experience and a new vision: to foster new ways of working within the sector.
  • Encouraging collaboration within the network: of organizations that participate in the Programme.


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