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The Solidarity Talent Challenge

With the SOLIDARITY TALENT CHALLENGE, we will be supporting INNOVATIVE IDEAS or INITIATIVES from social organisations that help to solve the challenges of today's society.

The social challenge we have set for ourselves: to contribute that the major persons (re) take a paper protagonist in the social construction.

The Organization of United Nations (UNO), places Spain in the year 2050 as the most aged country of the world. The 40% of its population will be over 60 years old.

The major persons are prepared, deceived persons and with desire of adding up. They play a decisive role in his neighborhoods, for his knowledge, talent and experience, his capacity of persons' mobilization and resources and as fundamental support to the family. We have to take advantage of all this potential.

Nevertheless, we find out a social perception about people getting older are passive citizens, sometimes excluded from the social participation. And it might be the opposite.

With this challenge, from Fundación Botín we look for new soluciones/ideas that help major persons to ake again a paper co-protagonist in the social construction promoting his active participation, autorrealización and independence.


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