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The Responsible Education Programme helps centres by offering training, monitoring, advice, evaluation and resources for inclusion in the curriculum. These are some of the examples:


Responsible education, Fundación Botín

       Responsible Education, Fundación Botín            

      Música y desarrollo integral, Educación Responsable   

Tool Bench

Audiovisual resources to work on the personal and social skills of youngsters aged 3 to 16.


Reading and emotions

Books that help emotional development from the pre-reading stage.


The Choir of Emotions

Choral singing in group to develop emotional, social and creative skills in a playful way with independence of the vocal or musical skills of each one.

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Artist and student exhibitions that boost their self-esteem, empathy and creativity.



Global Classrooms

Model United Nations Simulation Programme.



Literature, emotions and creativity

Proposals of books accompanied by a Reading Guide to foster emotional, cognitive and creative development.



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