Since 1994 renowned artists have passed through the Villa Iris Visual Arts Workshops, spending a coupe of weeks closely working with young artists from all over the world who come to Santander for this activity.

Juan Uslé, Gabriel Orozco, Juliâo Sarmento, Miroslaw Balka, Antoni Muntadas, Jannis Kounellis, Mona Hatoum, Paul Graham, Lothar Baumgarten, Tacita Dean, Carlos Garaicoa, Julie Mehretu and Joan Jonas are just some of the artists-directors that have worked with the Botín Foundation.


A workshop led by contemporary artist Carsten Höller will take place from September 4th to September 13th, 2017 in Santander, at Villa Iris and the newly built Centro Botin. It is also in the latter space that Höller's solo-exhibition 'Y' takes place from June 24th to September 10th.

The idea of the game plays an important, recurring role in the oeuvre of Höller and it is around this theme that the workshop will be built. In 1998, Carsten Höller published a collection of games together with curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, called Carsten Höller's Spiele Buch. The book contains in total 135 games, each one more surreal than the next. All can be played without the use of any tools. Some games are played alone, others require one or more players. Some games are played with people without them realising their involvement in the game.

Applications must be submitted online until 28 July 2017. ONLINE APPLICATIONS HERE

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  • Paribartana Mohanty (Khudha, India, 1982)
  • Joseph Audeh (Sarasota, Florida, EEUU, 1989)
  • Andrew de Freitas (Auckland, New Zealand, 1986)
  • Felipe Castelblanco (Bogotá, Colombia, 1985)
  • Anthea Julián Dineo Moys (Johanesburgo, South Africa, 1980)
  • Kevin Gallagher (Chicago, USA, 1986)
  • Roberto Fassone (Savigliano, Italy, 1980)
  • Nieves de la Fuente (Madrid, Spain, 1988)
  • Nicolás Grenier (Montreal, Canada, 1982)
  • Risa Puno (Rigdewood, New Jersey, USA, 1981)
  • Junghun Kim (Jeju Island, South Korea, 1991)
  • Miriam Kongstad (Denmark, 1991)
  • Mohamed Hussein (Bagdag, Irak, 1985)
  • Bjorn Kuhn (Ludwigshefem, Germany, 1987)
  • Lisa Hoffmann (Schleme, Germany, 1991)


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