Fecha: 11-11-2010

"Estanque de Tormentas" videoinstalación de Tom Skipp, apoyada por Matadero Madrid, exhibida en las catacumbas del Castillo de Mannheim

"Stormwater" 3 screen video art installation by Tom Skipp.

"Stormwater" 3 screen video art installation by Tom Skipp
from estrellasonora - Tom Skipp on Vimeo.

The piece, a video triptych, was filmed inside the biggest stormwater reservoir in Europe just before it was opened, filled with water and closed to the public forever. The triptych depicts the journey of a city's stormwater -as it flows through a tunnel, is channeled into an underground reservoir, to finally be pumped to the surface- in relation to the human life cycle from birth to death. The work aims to function as a springboard for the viewer's interpretative faculties, seeking to broaden signification.

The medium is not coincidental, everything has been composed for a video triptych. Three voices and three screens which join together at one point to form a huge panoramic canvas portraying the scale of the underground architecture. The use of the triptych recreates a special 'aura' for the artwork which seemed lost or unattainable for video. The film was awarded a prize by Matadero Madrid "Ayudas a la creación".



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