Libros de seminarios internacionales: ´Re-thinking water and food security´, septiembre 2009

Re-thinking water and food security, Observatorio del Agua de la Fundación Botín

Autores: Martinez-Cortina, L. Garrido,A and Lopez-Gunn, E (2010) Re-thinking water and food security.

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00.Preámbulo, Pdf Llamas, R.

01.Food security in water-short countries - Coping with carrying capacity overshoot. Falkenmark M. & Lannerstad, M.

02.Global agricultural green and blue water consumptive uses and virtual water trade. Liu J. & Yang, H.

03.Water scarcity and food security: A global assessment of water potentiality in Tunisia. Chahed, J.; Besbes, M & Hamdane, A.

04.Can human ingenuity, Science and Technology help solve the world problems of water and food security? López-Gunn, y Llamas.

05.Producing more or wasting less? Bracing the food security challenge of unpredictable rainfall. Lundqvist, J.

06.Prioritising the processes beyond the water sector that will secure water for society - farmers in political, economic, and social contexts and fair international trade. Allan, J.A.

07.Present and future roles of water and food trade in achieving food security, reducing poverty and water use. Sagardoy, J.A. & Varela-Ortega, C.

08.Economic aspects of virtual water trade: Lessons from the Spanish case. Garrido, A.; Novo, P.; Rodríguez-Casado, R & Varela-Ortega, C.

09.Water commoditization: An ethical perspective for a sustainable use and management of water resources, with special reference to the Arab Region. Hefny, M.

10. Water scarcity risks: Experience of the private sector. Orr, S. & Cartwright,A.

11. Incorporating the water footprint and environmental water requirements into policy: Reflections from the Doñana Region (Spain). Aldaya, M.M.; García Novo, F. & Llamas, M.R.

12.The blue, green and grey water footprint of rice from both a production and consumption perspective. Chapagain, A and Hoekstra, A.

13.Water quality and nonpoint pollution: Comparative global analysis. Albiac, J.; Calvo, E. & Esteban, E.

14.Intensive groundwater development: A water cycle transformation, a social revolution, a management challenge. Custodio, E.

15.Electricity reforms and its impact on groundwater use: Evidence from India. Mukherji, A; Shah, T & Verma, S.

16. Water and energy nexus - Role of technology. Cramwinckel, J.

17.Energy supply for the coming decades and the consequent water demand. Nieto, I.

18.The economics of desalination for various uses. Bernat, X.; Gibert, O.; Guiu, R.; Tobella J. & Campos, C.

Postscript. The impossibilities of water in agriculture: An increasingly unreal world. What we have to do about it? Catley-Carlson, M.


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