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Education Observatory

The Education Observatory was implemented in 2011 as a means of support for the activities carried out by the Fundación's Education Area. Within this area, the Observatory's two major lines of action are:

1. The creation of points of exchange for experts, where they can come together in dialogue, debate and thought, to channel the paths of the trends in the educational field. In this sense, the Observatory works with the Education Area to hold annual conferences, with the aim of presenting the educational community with reports on the latest advances in research within the field of emotional and social education and creativity in education. SEE INTERNATIONAL REPORTS.

2. The distribution of the main results of the Fundación's projects. The Boletín de Educación ('Education Journal'), which is sent out to more than 8,000 subscribers, features the experiences of good practices carried out by teachers and includes articles by the international experts that make up the Fundación's Education Platform.

Education Observatory, Botín Foundation


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