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Event with Lula Da Silva, October 2011, Botín Foundation
Event with Lula Da Silva, October 2011, Botín Foundation

Each year, the Fundación holds a conference for internationally prestigious field professionals and the main leaders of the business, academic, political and culture sectors in Spain. Hence, in 2011 these meetings began with the participation of Brazilian President Lula, who shared his thoughts on leadership in Brazil and its role in the context of Latin America, the future of Europe in the face of the current challenges, and the need to strengthen the role of the institutions in today's complex scenario.

For nearly two hours, more than one hundred businesspeople, politicians, mass media directors, university vice chancellors and representatives of the civil society met with Brazilian President Lula and the President of the Fundación, Emilio Botín, sharing their ideas and thoughts on key aspects of the current reality of Spain, Europe and the world.


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