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Projects of the Water Observatory


  • Prizes to Young Talent. The Botín Foundation, in the framework of its Water Observatory (WO), convenes three prizes for outstanding innovations, ideas, projects and technologies developed by young professionals, which produced proven positive results for sustainable water management. The call is open to young researchers, technologists, social entrepreneurs, activists and journalists, born after January 1, 1975. For more information.
  • Latest Water Symposiums. The Water Symposiums of the Botín Foundation Water Observatory provide a discussion platform where national and international experts lecture on water and food security topics and then open the debate to the general audience. These symposiums foster the exchange of ideas and rapprochement between science and society. The latest Symposiums have addressed the water footprint: toward a new vision of water, water management in Spain and the Spanish Water Technology Platform. For more information.
  • Latest Seminars. The Water Observatory Seminars are interdisciplinary debates behind closed doors with the leading figures in the world of water. These events encourage communication, information sharing and allow the generation of new ideas through the interaction among actors from different areas. The latest seminars have included topics as diverse as drought management, the implementation of the water footprint in public and corporate policy or transparency in water management. For more information.


  • Book on groundwater governance: WO-IWMI Joint publication. Currently, a cooperation agreement between IWMI of Sri Lanka, IGRAC of UNESCO and the WO is being prepared to publish a book that will complement the "Groundwater governance" project developed by UNESCO, FAO and the World Bank.
  • Project on the water footprint of the Duero basin. An agreement between the Duero River Basin Authority, the Castilla and León Regional Government and the Water Observatory of the Botin Foundation is in preparation for the development of a project on the extended water footprint at exploitation system level in the Duero River Basin.
  • Project on the water footprint of the Segura basin. An agreement with the Segura River Basin Authority is being explored.



This section provides a brief introduction to the various research projects developed by the Water Observatory (WO) since 1998. They are classified in nine groups but certainly there are overlaps between them. Naturally, the section refers to the many publications related to each group, which are detailed in the corresponding "publications" section.

All these projects have been developed in an environment of freedom of thought, without being conditioned by "political correctness".


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