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Science Observatory

The Fundación Botín's Science Observatory was created with the aim of supporting the Fundación's activity in transferring scientific knowledge.

This is an open point of exchange that allows all the representatives of the science and technology field in Spain to share their thoughts, with the aim of pinpointing and fostering new trends that will respond to today's current needs and challenges.

To do so, throughout 2012 and 2013, a series of conferences were held with the different groups involved in the transfer of knowledge and technology: heads of departments of the university, young researchers and entrepreneurs, investors, politicians and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. Their conclusions have been compiled in the publication El sistema español de transferencia de conocimiento y tecnología: situación actual y propuestas de actuación ('The Spanish System of Knowledge and Technology Transfer: the Current Situation and Proposals for Action').

On 26 September 2014, the Fundación's headquarters in Madrid hosted the Knowledge Transfer Conference, an event that closed this series of conferences for debate and consultation.

Moreover, the Science Observatory has created the Boletín de Transferencia ('Transfer Journal'), which is sent out to more than 1000 subscribers.


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