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Trend Observatory

The Trend Observatory distributes the knowledge generated by the Fundación's action programmes. It also captures knowledge that serves to orient and guide those programmes, while working to explore and expand our understanding of the social milieu. Its ultimate goal? To detect new opportunities, as a vehicle for social and economic growth.

The Observatory primarily works in the areas of education, science and technology transfer, water and energy.

Moreover, in keeping with the essence of its mission, through the Observatory, the Fundación Botín runs two programmes for the detection and development of talent:

  • Solidarity Talent, which aims to rescue unemployed professionals and help to stimulate and professionalise the social sector.
  • The Programme for the Strengthening of Civil Service in Latin America, which aims to strengthen public institutions, by getting the best students in the region to commit to the development of their societies through the public sector.

Trend Observatory, Botín Foundation


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