Strengthening of civil service in Latin America

Description of the Programme for Strenghtening of Civil Service

Programme for the Strengthening of Civil Service in Latin America

As a benchmark institution in Spain´s third sector, the Botín Foundation explores new ways of converting talent into social, cultural and economic assests.

It carries out its activities in the areas of culture, science, education, rural development and social action, while working with international institutions on different projects.

In its determination to boost its relations with Latin America, the Botín Foundation is promoting the Programme for Strengthening of Civil Service in Latin America, with the conviction that the existence of a solid public service is a sine qua non condition for societies to enjoy long-lasting social, economic and cultural development.

To do so, for the seventh consecutive year, the Foundation will select Latin-American university students with high potential and a vocation for public service, offering them an intensive eight week training programme. The programme was designed by the Botín Foundation to feed and sustain that vocation on the basis of essential know-how, by working with the participants to strengthen the attitudes and skills necessary for effective public service work.


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